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Anderson Area Coin Club

Lake Heartwell

Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Washington DC Facility

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Tour and Visitor Center

14th and C Streets S. W.

Washington, D. C. 20228

(202)-874-2330 (Local)

1-866-874-2330 (Toll-free)


Western Currency Facility

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Tour and Visitor Center

9000 Blue Mound Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76131

(817)-231-4000 (Local)

1-866-865-1194 (Toll-free)

           The Tour and Visitor Centers are open Monday through Friday  (excluding Federal Holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with group and general public tours conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Each    tour conducted is a free 40 minute “Making of Money” guided tour to see millions of dollars being printed. The tour features the various stages of currency production beginning with large blank sheets of paper and ending with wallet-ready notes.

    At the BEP visitors can view exhibits chronicling the history of U.S. currency and an informative film of the production process. The guided gallery tour itself overlooks the currency production   floor and ends in the gift shop where live printing demonstration are conducted on a 19th century currency manufacturing spider    press.

  For information regarding tour hours, closures, group             reservations or ticketing contact the respective tour office or visit the website:

Why the Fort Worth facility?

  On January 13, 1982 Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the Potomac river shortly after takeoff barely missing the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This showed the possibility that the        printing of U.S. currency could be halted for a period of time.    Soon after the BEP announced that a second facility was going to    be built in Fort Worth, Texas. In February 1991 the first notes      were printed: $1 series 1988-A K (Dallas) star notes,                  
block (K00000001 thru K03200000) a total of 3,200,000 notes.    

(DC) Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Mail order Sales Department

M-F 8:00 A.M.-7:15 P.M.




Main Directory



(DC) Federal Reserve Main Office

Circulation Department




Main Directory



Mintmarks and Mint years of operation Past & Present


                  1.     C-Charlotte, North Carolina (Gold coins only;  1838-1861)                         

                    2.     CC-Carson City, Nevada (Gold & Silver coins      only;1870-1893)                 

             3.     D- Dahlonega, Georgia (Gold coins only;   


    4.     D-Denver, Colorado (1901-present)  

                        5.   O-New Orleans, Louisiana Gold & Silver coins            only;1838-1861; 1879-1909)          

                6.     P-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1793-present)

             7.     S-San Francisco, California (1854-present)

          8.     W-West Point, New York (1984-present)

Temporary Branch Mint            

                Dalles City, Oregon (July 1864-March 1875)


Present day U.S. Mints and Locations


Philadelphia Mint

 151 N. Independence Mall East

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-1886


Gift Shop-(215)-408-0230

Public Affairs-(215)-408-0110

    Public tours given M-F 9:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. EST Note: Physical                   location of mint is corner of 5th & Arch street.


Denver Mint

320 W. Colfax Ave.

Denver, Colorado 80204-2693

Gift Shop-(303)-572-9500 

Hrs. 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. MST Monday thru Thursday

Public Affairs-(303)-405-4925


San Francisco Mint

155 Herman St.

San Francisco, California 94103


West Point Mint

West Point, New York 10996


U.S. Mint Headquarters

801 9th St NW

Washington, DC 20220-0012


Hours Monday thru Friday 8:30-5:00 P.M. EST


Customer Service Center United States Mint

1201 Elm St.

Suite 400

Dallas, Texas, 76270


8:00 A.M.-Midnight CST 7 days a week



United States Mint Timeline

                   1.     September 17, 1787-Constitution is signed by                  members of the Constitutional Convention.
         Constitution granted Congress the power to 
             coin money, regulate its value,and provide for   punishment of counterfeiting.            
  States were explicitly prohibited from  
  coining money.                                    
September 2, 1789-The Treasury Department is 
                  established. It is the second oldest department in    the Federal Government.                     
January 8, 1790-Presedent George Washington
            encourages Congress to develop a uniform        currency for the nation.                     
March 3, 1791-Congress authorizes a Mint in a    
April 2, 1792-Cogressonal legislation creates a
                   nationalMint “at the seat of the Government of the
  United States.” And regulates coinage. 
          It authorizes the Mint to make coins of Gold 
   (Eagles, Half Eagles and Quarter Eagles) 
           Silver (Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarter Dollars, 
                    Dimes and Half Dimes), and Copper (Cents and Half                     Cents). The act also authorizes the President          
   to construct buildings in Philadelphia.  
1793-The first coins struck are “Half Dimes”,
                    believed to be made from Silverware provided           by George and Martha Washington.      
         The first circulating coins are copper Cents.
March 3, 1793-The first circulating coins (11,178) 
copper coins are delivered.              
1797-The Mint in Philadelphia closes in the 
                 summer and autumn due to outbreaks of          
Yellow fever.                                  
1799-The Mint becomes an independent agency 
reporting directly to the President.  
January 29, 1801-The Treasury Department
 is damaged by fire.                          
1802-The Philadelphia Mint closes in the summer 
        and autumn due to Yellow fever outbreaks.
1814-The Treasury Department is burned by 
the British.                                      
July 4, 1829-Cornerstone is laid for a new 
       Mint building at the corner of Juniper and 
Chestnut streets in Philadelphia.       
                     New building is finally  occupied in 1833.                    14.   
March 31, 1833-Treasury building is burned 
               to the ground by arsonists. Congress demands a 
             fire-proof building; Result is current Treasury 
                 Building of Greek design built between 1836 and 
March 3, 1835-Congressinal legislation establishes 
   branch Mints at New Orleans Louisiana;
                     Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dahlonega, Georgia. 
                     They are placed “under the control and regulation” 
                  of the director of the Mint, with the approval of 
                     the Secretary of the Treasury. This is the first                      time Congress gives the Treasury Department  
supervisory authority over the Mint.  
July 3, 1852-Congressional legislation       
  establishes a branch Mint in California. 
             The Treasury secretary is authorized to choose 
the location.                                    
March 3, 1853-Act of Congress establishes an 
Assay Office in New York city.            
1861-Confederate forces seize branch Mints
                 at Charlotte, North Carolina; Dahlonega, Georgia;
and New Orleans, Louisiana.               
            Coining operations continue for about a month.
May 21, 1861-Confederate troops occupy the 
              Charlotte Mint and use it for their headquarters 
 during the Civil War.                          
May 31. 1861-The Confederate Government closes 
        the branch Mints at New Orleans, Louisiana;
                  Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dahlonega, Georgia.
April 21, 1862-Congressional legislation establishes
   a branch at Denver, Colorado.                
March 3, 1863-Congressinal legislation establishes 
a branch Mint at Carson City, Nevada.  
March 3, 1863-The Denver branch Mint opens.
July 2, 1864-Congress appropriates $300,000 
          to purchase a site and construct buildings for 
the branch Mint at San Francisco.        
July 4, 1864-Congressional legislation establishes
                   a branch Mint at Dalles City, Oregon. Mint is short                      lived;Congress donates building to State of Oregon 
 for educational purposes in March 1875.
February 19, 1869-Act of Congress establishes 
               an Assay Office at Boise in the territory of Idaho.
May 12, 1874-Act of Congress establishes   
     an Assay Office at Helena, in the territory 
of Montana.                                        
November 5, 1874-Completion of               
San Francisco Mint.                             
February 1, 1881-Act of Congress establishes
an Assay Office at St. Louis, Missouri.  
June 11, 1896-Act of Congress establishes      
       an Assay Office at Deadwood, South Dakota.
May 21, 1898-Act of Congress establishes     
  an Assay Office at Seattle, Washington.  
June 13, 1901-Ceremonies mark the completion 
    of the third Philadelphia Mint building on 
Spring Garden Street.                          
1904-The “new” Denver Mint building opens.
February 1, 1906-Coinage operations begin at the 
Denver Mint.                                        
March 1, 1906-Coinage operations are suspended at 
     the New Orleans Mint due to lack of bullion 
for Silver coinage.                                
May 30, 1908-Congressional legislation establishes 
an Assay Office in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

 37.   1937-A new building opens for the           
       San Francisco Mint, which has outgrown the 
 “Granite Lady”.                                    
1955-Coinage operations are discontinued     
at the San Francisco Mint.                    
September 1, 1965-Under the coinage act of 1965, 
                   minting operations at the San Francisco Assay Office 
   is reactivated with thestriking of Pennies.
September 17, 1965-Groung breaking ceremonies 
               are held for the fourth Mint building located near 
Independence Hall in Philadelphia.        
1969-The Philadelphia Mint moves to its fourth 
1972-The San Francisco Mints former building,
      the “Granite Lady” is partially restored and 
reopened as a Museum.                         
March 31, 1988-The West Point Bullion Depository 
          becomes an official United States branch Mint. 
          San Francisco Mint, an Assay Office since 1962, 
is once again given Mint status              
(Public Law 100-274).                           


National Numismatic Organizations

1.    American Numismatic Society (ANS)

75 Verick Street                        

Floor 11                                  

New York, New York 20013        


 2. American Numismatic Association 

 818 N. Cascade Ave.                

               Colorado Springs, Co. 80903                   

                       (719)-632-2646 or 1-800-367-9723                  


                    3. Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG)            

              28441 Rancho California Rd.                

Suite 106                            

   Temecula, CA. 92590              




  Coin Grading Services

                 1.     Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS)

P.O. Box 9458                      

Newport Beach, CA 92658      



                2.     Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)

P.O. Box 4776                     

Sarasota, FL 34230              



                  3    American Numismatic Certification               

Services (ANACS)             

 P.O. Box 6000                      

Englewood, CO 80155          



  4.     Independent Coin Grader (ICG)

P.O. Box 276000                  

Tampa, FL 33688                 



   Paper Grading Services


1.     Paper Money Guaranty (PMG)

P.O. Box 4755                    

Sarasota, FL 34230             



2.     PCGS Currency                  

P.O. Box 10470                

Peoria, IL 61612              


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